Under a dark and cloudless sky

Last night I thought I’d set out and capture some night sky. Mumbai’s frenetic streets were deserted since it was a public holiday and it seemed just the right time to do it so after dinner Bayda and I set off in my little Santro – she with her fierce temper to ward off any unwanted comments and trouble makers and me  with my camera to take the shots.

Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be such a great night since it was since it was the night of the new moon but here are the lights of Mumbai under a dark  and cloudless sky

The mosque on the rock is named after Haji Ali, the pilgrim who is alleged lies buried there after his coffin was washed ashore.

From the far side of the bay going up the hill towards Walkeshwar is a little sit out from where you can get a good clear view of the Queen’s Necklace on the other side. The new LED lamps fitted by the Municipality have dimmed the necklace somewhat so I captured the majestic buildings at the end of the road instead. 
For more skies from around the world go here.http://skyley.blogspot.in/
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