Holi skies

For those of you who don’t know, today most Indians celebrate the festival of Holi. This Spring festival formally marks the end of winter and has everybody coming out onto the streets to put colour on one another. Surprisingly our building has been really quiet this year and we can go out without fear of a water balloon being thrown or the car being smeared by colour. Frankly, I think most people have gone out to enjoy the long weekend! Besides, this is not really a festival celebrated by the native Maharashtrian who actually celebrate the festival of colour five days later with dry coloured powder (Dhulvad or Rangapanchami). Holi for my family is generally the yummy sweet chickpea stuffed poli ( puran poli) which is eaten with generous amounts of molten ghee, a tradition I am happy to follow.

This whole week we’ve had some wonderful skies with zero pollution which really means that you can see forever!

A truly golden sunset

Golden buildings under a cloudy sky

The Colaba Lighthouse early in the morning

My all time favourite – the Imperial Towers

The Taj and the harbour at mid day

Finally a burst of cloud feather in a mid morning sky

For more skies from around the world go visit ( SkyWatch Friday)

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And for those who celebrate, Happy Holi and for those who don’t, Happy Spring Days!

Author: Unishta

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