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Walking down Marine Drive on  Sunday evening  

Marine Drive is my favourite part of Mumbai especially at daybreak and at sunset. I’ve just returned from a 6.6 km walk down this sea face famous for its twenty foot wide pavement and Art Deco lined buildings. At the far end of the road is the posh Oberoi Hotel and the Tata Tower sharing a wall between that bastion of culture the National Centre of Performing Arts where the glitterati can be seen mingling with their bling in equal proportion to the cognoscenti who clap at the right pauses at a Western music concert.

Cinderella’s carriage awaits at sunset



The illuminated Trident and Oberoi Hotels



The newly renovated Taraporevala Aquarium



The majestic Saifee Hospital on Charni Road as seen from Marine Drive



I love walking down this promenade especially on a Sunday evening when the whole world seems out, shooting the breeze.

It is one place where everyone and everything seems appropriate – the hawkers ,the lovers, the strollers, the walkers, the stalkers, the druggies ,the groupies ,the pie dogs ,the pedigrees, the vagrants , the families ,the loners, stock brokers and businessmen, bankers and housewives in chappals and sandals, high end sneakers, in saris, in burqas, in Ts and Bermudas.


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9 Responses

  1. I have never been to Mumbai but someday I would like to visit this city.

  2. vidsps says:

    Mumbai definitely has space for everyone. I hope to visit the city some day 🙂

  3. Great photos. I can nearly feel warmth in the air. Quite a posh hospital by the look. I like how you’re so appreciative of all the flavors of life that light up the city.

    • BellyBytes says:

      And the summer is just beginning…..

      • We had a lovely day here, almost felt like spring. Just in from St. Patrick’s Day parade. Sunshine is great, but still a cool nip in the air, almost year round really. I see the photo of the gentleman near ‘Cinderella’s carriage’ with short sleeves. That’s the weather I’m talking about. You get very high summer temps do you?

        • BellyBytes says:

          Very 40 c on a very hot day but what is really bad is the humidity. If you step outside for an hour your shirt is dripping wet and sticks to you like second skin. But we cope by staying indoors in the afternoon

          • Sounds like the southern states. Hard to breathe in weather like that. How I do miss wearing tank tops though…
            I can see why you would enjoy evening walks in the cooler moon light.

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