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Will linking up strengthen your presence in the blogosphere?

Blogging, blogging every day and still a mark to make?

If you are an accidental blogger like me, one who has been plodding despite a meagre following of  35  and a paltry figure of 100 hits per month, you must extremely optimistic ( like me) or foolish ( again like me) to think that one day your blog will make a difference and you continue to blog regardless.

If like me you one day realise the futility of writing in the virtual world despite several reassurances from Rhonda Byrnes that the Universe will one day listen to you, you must have also gone through several tutorials about how to increase the traffic to your blog, how to engage more visitors to your blog, how to monetize your blog and hundreds of other ideas on how to make blogging more worthwhile and lucrative.

Birds of a feather flock together

One of the popular ways  of increasing traffic is to get on a blog hop – the idea being an expansion of the adage “Birds of a Feather Flock together”  and posting your blog on a site that is hosting other blogs of a similar vein will automatically drive more traffic to your site. Now that seems like a magic formula , the last straw to clutch after you’ve discovered that your “general” blog doesn’t have as much appeal (because let’s face it you are a faceless, nobody) as a “niche” blog (because you’re not that much of an expert either!) you find that despite all the rules you’ve been following, you are just not generating much traffic. So what is the next best option? To link up with others of the same genre. That way, if nothing, you will at least make blogging a fun, interactive activity rather than something that often leaves you disappointed and disheartened.

Look before you leap

But linking up in itself is not without its pitfalls. Very often, bloggers rush into link-ups without realising that there are rules that  you have to follow.  Be warned that linking up your blog on a blog post that invites others requires you to visit other blogs, comment on them and show them the courtesy that you would expect from them.


I would advise all bloggers who think they are ready to join up a platform of like-minded bloggers to first read

#MicroblogMondays 27 – Linkup Etiquette 101



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  1. Hiya, The more followers, the less time to blog, more time spent interacting. It is bittersweet alright. I couldn’t get ‘Linkup Etiquette’ link to open.

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