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Most things in life are discovered by accident.

A friend sent me an invitation to an event by AVID LEARNING and I found this as well.

I may learn Sanskrit next month.

It’s on line

Understanding Sanskrit

  The stotras are available on our website in small easy measures. The goal is to learn the recitation, grammar and meaning of these verses, and to keep us connected with our ancient heritage.

The stutis/ stotras are presented:

  In Sanskrit
  With easy break-up of words in Devnagri script.
  Transliterated in English.
  With meaning of each word.
  With contextual meaning of each sentence.
  Paraphrased in English.
  Accompanied by audio files, for easy recitation.
  Every fortnight, that is, every 1st and 16th of the month, a new stotram, from popular stotras (such as Raamarakshaa Stotra), is published on the Avid website, to enable you to read, understand and practice it.
  The stutis on the website are synced in order of festivals in the Hindu calendar to assist in preparation of timely recitation in accordance with the forthcoming festivals.
 Do log on every fortnight to discover Sanskrit and get an enjoyable learning experience!


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