E is for Exhausted

This post marks the second week of this challenge.

For those of you who have visited this page and found nothing, my sincere apologies. I’ve been away on holiday and was unable to time the scheduling of this post. I had imagined that I’d be at my computer well in time to have it go live but as usual, things never ever turn out the way you would want them to. But luckily since the world is round, it is still day 5 to write about the letter E in some part of the world, so here goes…………

My thoughts on E

E reminds me of my Easter break which was a weekend in Dubai.
This was my first ever visit to Arabia, a land that has  always fascinated me
ever since I heard the tales of Scheherazade that kept her alive for 1001 nights.

There’s something infinitely romantic about desert sands
that shift to  form wave like patterns on the land,
the hump-backed camels slowly lurching while a little goat trips happily by,
flat-roofed houses in cosy clusters and  majestic wooden dhows cleaving the sea.
And sharp taloned falcons fly above the bluest sky of Araby.

These images that come to mind are far from today’s  glass towered reality.
Iconic buildings strain to reach up
While trams and metros down below
Weave through the city as cars zip along
Wide roads and bridges, connecting places from A to B.

Patches of green that dot the city, aren’t random oases few  and far between
But well-tended parks and roadside grassland that soothe the eyes
and transform the desert’s wild untamable beauty.

Those two days of Arabian holiday in cool and nippy weather
Were spent with friends and family
Making memories to cherish forever as
We tramped along the ancient alleyways
Bobbed through the creeks
And dined and shopped in ultimate luxury.

But now I’m home and completely
A happy, body twisting kind
that leaves me wanting nothing more than
content t crawl in my own bed.

There are over a 1000 bloggers from all over the world  participating in this challenge. Do pop in and see what the others are writing. It’s amazing  and fascinating to discover how people’s minds work and how the same prompt can inspire different thoughts. 


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