H is for Holidays,Happiness and Health

So it’s now 9 days into April and I’ve still not fallen off the wagon…..

Happy wind surfers dot an Emirati sky

I’ve just returned from a holiday to Dubai. A short two day one and I wonder if two days constitute a holiday or if that can only be called a break? Holidays, to me are epitomised by Cliff Richard’s song “Summer Holiday”

No more working for a week or two.
Fun and laughter on our summer holiday,
No more worries for me or you,
For a week or two.

We’re going where the sun shines brightly
We’re going where the sea is blue.

But even though I wasn’t away for the stipulated week or two, I did go to a place where the sun shone brightly and the sea was blue and I did no work but have fun and laughter. 
Dubai, the most modern Emirate in the Middle East is a vacationer’s dream  –  when the weather is really pleasant. Mind you, even in the hot weather Dubai’s superb air conditioning even in the public bus stops makes it possible for people to go around easily. Seamless travel with super fast and efficient metro, trams and taxis, super-luxe Malls for high-end shopping, a dolphinarium and aquarium, amusement parks  and even a skating rink make it a great holiday destination because Dubai is one place where children are always welcome. It was amazing to find babies in strollers alongside their parents enjoying the pleasures of fine dining. Dubai has hotels ranging from the normal to the simply over the top that cater to any budget and fancies. It’s population is largely ex-pat and you will feel at home with every kind of cuisine available at every price level.
While Dubai may not be everyone’s cup of tea, holidays definitely on millions of minds with hundreds of school children and parents in the throes of final examinations, or impending finals and are possibly waiting for the last bell to ring so that they can go off on a holiday.
In our time, holidays meant visits to grandparents or uncles and aunts in far flung places. This simple form of holiday also meant bonding time with family. Today’s holidays are more structured with parents planning itineraries to the last second. Very often, children too are involved in planning a holiday and it becomes an activity geared to relaxing, spending time with families and just generally having a good time so that everyone is happy.
Yes, being HAPPY is a goal that all of us aspire to reach. I remember asking my young niece who was all of four what she wanted to be when she grew up. I was stunned by her simple answer:
How many of us actually realise that this is the ideal goal of every human being?
Because at the end of the day, happiness is an intangible that is easily accessible but all that it needs is the right  attitude.  The art of being happy is most important for another intangible treasure – HEALTH.
Countless words have been written on matters pertaining to health. There are millions of theories on how to regain health, retain health and maintain health. We all know that without health life is meaningless so take off the time from your busy schedule to go on a holiday that will make you happy and keep you healthy all year long!

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