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Overtime in Mumbai

While wandering in the by lanes behind Rampart Row, I came upon this quaint little shop that crafted the most comfortable clothes. OBATAIMU, the store with the funny sounding name is the brain child of an architect whose love for design is quite apparent in both the aesthetics of the space and the construction of her clothes.
To begin with, this tiny space has been cleverly converted into part workshop and part boutique with the back half of the shop devoted to sewing machines that hum all day. Separated by sound proof glass, this leaves the shops few clients a zen like space in which to choose their garments which have been made with special processes to leave the material flowing, soft and completely magical to the touch. 
The workshop at the back

The young sales lady who was friendly and helpful eagerly showed us around even though she knew we weren’t going to buy. She pointed out the industrial tubing that was used to encase hanging wires and even made up the unique chandelier that dominates the space. The floor is made of metallic industrial flooring, the kind that is seen on BEST buses while the surfaces of tables are finished off with cork making the store an eclectic mix of textures and materials. 

The chandelier made from tubing

By night the store doubles up as a jazz cafe or intimate theatre nights with the workshop being cleared off its machines and a floor coming down as a stage! There in the late hours of the night while the entire neighbourhood is shut for business, OBATAIMU awakes for an evening of fun.

The shelf above the machine comes down to become a stage!
The cork inlaid table top and industrial flooring
Garments packed and ready for pick-up
View from the top

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