U is for Umbrella

English: An orange cloth umbrella. Français : Une ombrelle en tissu orange. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the days getting hotter by the minute and thoughts of rain completely inundating my brain, I am also now beginning to think about UMBRELLAS. I have around four of them from different vintage collecting dust on the rack near my computer. Most of them are the folding variety which I have kept at home only to give to those caught in an unexpected storm.

Umbrellas in Mumbai are about as useful as are skis in a desert. While it does rain in Mumbai, the rains are simply torrential and umbrellas are quite futile – they are either blown away or blown inside out leaving you clutching on to the handle trying not to look foolish battling the wind and the rain. But umbrella sellers and umbrella repairers do brisk business in the monsoons as most people buy a new umbrella every monsoon having either lost or broken the one used the previous season. As for me, I believe that umbrellas are totally pointless and try to time my going out with the lulls in the rainy spells. Very rarely does it rain all day long and on the days there is no let up, I simply stay indoors. Or if I get out, I just get wet!

Years ago a friend had gifted me a book on which she had inscribed a very sweet thought which I’d                                                                   like to share with all

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