Why we need faith, friends and fear

F is for FAITH

Santa Claus in  the summer? You may wonder if you are seeing right, particularly since the Easter Bunny has just hopped away.  Perhaps it is the wrong time to recount a Christmas story but whenever I feel the slightest bit disheartened, I think of my daughter and her unflinching faith in Santa Claus.

Image result for santa claus imagesWe’ve all grown up with the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus , the Easter Bunny, the Fairy Godmother, the Big Bad Wolf and other mythical beings who inspire us to be better little children while growing up. Modern mothers may question this method of child rearing, preferring to be more direct and straightforward with their methods but there is a certain amount of innocence in childhood that is retained and preserved with these beings.

To get down to the original story of Faith, one year a month before Christmas my daughter was told rather cruelly by her newly enlightened cousin  that there was no Santa Claus who went Ho Ho Ho distributing gifts to little children. Upset at the thought of  an empty stocking, my little girl resolutely told me that she was going to write Santa a letter and this time actually accompanying me to the Post Office to make sure that it was put in the mail. So off we went, the two of us with this letter written in faith and sealed with love to the Post Office down the road where she watched me lick the stamps on a letter destined for Santa Claus Land somewhere in the Universe, eyes filled with conviction that Santa would show up. I felt a fraud as we carried this through but deep down inside,  I thought that perhaps this would be the way she would find out things for herself. But obviously, her faith and belief far outweighed mine, for three weeks later she proudly showed me a letter from Santa Claus himself who promised to honour her wishes of a bag full of sweets!

Indeed, whenever I wonder whether things will really happen, this incident renews my faith that they will and gives me the courage to hang in there.

F is for FRIENDS

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Friends are like family who help us through life,
giving support, love and  advice,

As I think of all my friends in different situations –
my ‘yoga’ friends,
my ‘school’ friends,
my ‘college’ friends, and ‘bus stop’ friends.
my ‘building’ friends,
my ‘walking ‘friends,
my ’email’ friends,
my ‘waiting with other mothers’ friends,
my friends who happen to be the children of my parents’ friends and others who are friends of friends
(you get the trend my friend?)
I always remember my father’s words
“You cannot choose your family but you can your friends,
so dear child: remember to
choose them well!”

Indeed, friends are our sounding boards, our cheerleaders, our conscience keepers
Our partners in crime, sharers of joy
stand in mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and all,

Thank God for our friends!

Image result for fear
And finally the letter F brings to mind the fear that sometimes grips me for no reason at all –
a cold, feeling that starts from the bottom of the pit of my stomach, that radiates slowly till my hairs stand on end,
a slight shiver goes through me for no reason at all,
till I take a deep breath and then watch it slide out
leaving me calm and resolute to face what lies ahead.

We are all gripped by fear at the oddest of times,
sometimes in normal situations for no reason at all.
It is this fear that prevents us from jumping into things headlong,
that makes us think things out and approach situations with caution.
It is also fear that acquaints us with pitfalls and drawbacks of situations that enable us to think things through so that we act with our heads and not with our hearts.
It is fear that preserves us, protects us and keeps us from falling down tunnels, puddles and all.

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