Order in when Bai is Out.

Well today is May Day and if you are in  Bombay it is quite likely that your trusty Bai or maid is wishing you “bye for the holidays” or will wish you so shortly.May is when the whole city of Mumbai is on vacation….not surprising since it is supposed to be a city of migrants who have come to seek their fortunes in the city of gold. But there are many who are native to this city and others who don’t want to leave in the summer. I, particularly love being in Mumbai in May. Yes it is hot, but so are many other places in the world. And besides, Mumbai without school children is quite the dream city. The roads are pretty much clear of traffic and on days like today, driving is sheer bliss.

But May can get tedious if you have to cook and clean so I’ve been on the look out for some takeaways that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I particularly haven’t tried this joint but it comes recommended by Zomato and Burrp….. Cafe Free India. So do call 02232274363 and give it a try. According to the menu they have soups, salads ( 3 varieties each)  and appetizers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. There is a good range of Pizzas and burgers for which the original Cafe Free India is famous and some Asian and Continental takeaways. The outlet is located just behind Rukiya Manzil in the Sophia College lane and should be a better option than Under The Banyan Tree just up the road.

I had visited UTBT when it had just opened and was quite impressed with their Garlic Butter Pizza but today sadly, it didn’t measure up. What was a real disappointment was the Broccoli Almond soup which didn’t have any traces of either ingredient.

There are lots of options to order in when Bai is out so watch this space when I scope it out.

But if you are really feeling hot and tired and want a day out why don’t you try this on Chowpatty Beach:

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