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Glide over the City

With temperatures reaching to roasting, Mumbai has become a veritable furnace. How I envy this intrepid Mumbaikar who has literally taken to the skies with this brightly coloured parachute. The rain clouds seem to be gathering up but showing absolutely no signs of bursting.

Parasailing isn’t really a popular activity in Mumbai but for those who want a bird’s eye view of Marine Drive and its environs, H2O operates this facility from the beach.

Corporate Office Address : Top Floor, Mehta Mahal, 15 Matthew Road, Opera House, Mumbai 400004.
Water Sports Centre Address : Girgaum Chowpatty, Mumbai 400007, Next to Charni Road station.

Other options available are

Jet skiing, Sailing, Banana Boat Bump Ride, Platform Para Sailing, Speed Boat ride and a leisurely water boat cruise.

For more spectacular skies from around the world visit Skywatch Friday .

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  1. I hope it is cool up there otherwise the paraglider will roast in the skies. Hopefully you get some rain from those clouds soon and make everything fresh.

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