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Yesterday I attended a book launch at Essar House with my friend Nita. I met Nita at a friend’s birthday party at the end of March and since then, I’ve discovered we have a common interest – trying to make sense out of the Blogosphere, the Internet and Social Media Networking. Suddenly, after blogging randomly for almost a decade, I’ve realised the futility of blogging at random and am making a concerted effort to get on track with more focused writing and proper goals.

So in an effort to get back on track, I decided to go out and explore more, read more and learn more. Avid Learning had organised a book launch of Anju Poddar’s latest book “HOME DIVA” and Nita invited me to come along. We arrived like two little school girls at Essar House, an imposing blue paned structure opposite the Race Course. We were stopped at the gate and asked to identify ourselves but once our credentials were established we were allowed in and escorted to the auditorium on the first floor.

Anju Poddar turned out to be quite a revelation. An energetic 60 year old, she has written 7 books to her credit and this her 8th is her tips on housekeeping. Indeed,  the book is a veritable storehouse of knowledge albeit for a young bride entering a family of considerable wealth. Poddar discusses things like taking care of silver, art works as in works of Masters in oil, pen and ink etc. She talks knowledgeably about  managing staff, travelling, taking care of jewellery and clothes.

Alas, with most urban homes shrinking to nuclear families cossetted in their own little 2 BHKs this book will have a limited niche market : for those who can afford the luxury of a guest room, a pooja room and a room devoted to the elderly; a garden and of course an individual house which can be built according to Vaastu. However, there are some essentials of housekeeping that endure even if your don’t have a bungalow or antiques and precious things to look after and Anju’s tips will still resonate with us all who are looking for solutions to simplify everyday living. For instance, even if one cannot dedicate a room to guests, one can do well to heed her advice on how to make the guest feel comfortable when he does land up – making sure there is reading material, some snacky stuff etc. for him. Similarly, even if one is not the gracious hostess, Anju’s tips on ensuring that your dinner guests’ food preferences are taken care of will be useful to all, especially first time entertainers who don’t want to call Mom.

Housekeeping is essential to all those who want to maintain a good home and very often we make do with the basics. But who wouldn’t like to keep a good home effortlessly?  Anju’s HOME DIVA takes housekeeping to another level where it transcends the ordinary and makes your house into a warm and inviting home.

Anju’s laid back style, with her humorous anecdotes, belies her passion for detail and order. Over an engaging conversation with Bloomsbury’s Amrita Chowdhury (no less a Diva herself) Anju shared her journey as a writer and inspired many a person in the audience to follow her example and live a life of contentment and fulfillment. The book is an easy read, well laid out and a treat to read.

Anju Poddar has her own blog where she shares her in depth knowledge of where to shop, where to eat and where to do what in Hyderabad, Delhi, Jaipur and now Bombay.

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