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1. at the highest point of health, excellence, etc
2. at the topmost point

3. the best in quality
4. the topmost point
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There’s a wedding looming ahead in the family and I suddenly realised that none of my bangles fit so I decided to go to this shop called TipTop that specialises in artificial jewelry. Now I’m not really one for anything artificial be it jewelry or otherwise but this wedding is a destination wedding and I’m paranoid of carrying the real stuff so instead of making bigger bangles of real gold, I thought I’d go in for artificial bangles to match the saris I’ll be wearing.

Tip Top is one of the many shops in Mumbai that sell artificial jewelry. This form of jewerly has beome so common now that even brides wear stuff to match their saris, keeping the heirloom jewelry to pass on to the next generation. Costume jewelry is now made with high quality material and with designs close to the traditional ones so that you can hardly tell the difference.

Tip Top  in the crowded locality of Girgaon is opposite the famous Ganesh Temple at Sikka Nagar and has two shops – one selling sets with necklaces and earrings to match while the other one concentrates only on bangles and bindis.

It is open from 11 am to 7.30 Monday through Saturday.
136 V P Road Sikka Nagar, Near Prarthana Samaj C P Tank, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004
022 2381 0666

Most importantly, I forgot Tip Top’s top tip:

To try out any bangle for size, loosely wrap your hand in a flimsy,slinky, silky hanky and slip them on effortlessly .
Easily beats the mess of wearing bangles with soapy hands! 

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