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When I started out on my blogging journey, I must confess it was totally a leap into the dark – a future of which I had no knowledge and even less technical skill. From one blog to the next, it would seem that I made blogs more frequently than I updated my wardrobe. Yet, each time I discovered that there was something missing, something lacking in my blog that still made me continue searching.

Since I learnt how to handle a computer entirely on my own, I thought blogging would be just as easy – choose a platform, choose a template and begin your blog. However, I realised that there is more to blogging than just that – one has to have a subject to talk about : food, technology, travel  and photography are about the most popular topics that people blog about. Then come blogs on creative writing, opinions, self help, sports and finally that ambiguous term called the “personal blog”. It is this last category that most amateur bloggers find themselves in and by the end of a year or so, discover that no one is really interested in what they have to say. After all, who else will find it funny that your grandfather left his dentures in his friend’s house and forgot which friend it was? And who is really interested in your hair cut that went bad or your cake that never rose?

So I realised that to really engage an audience, you had to have a planned approach to blogging, you need some guidelines to follow and finally the help of a professional blogger or at least a person who can help you set your blog straight. But who is the right person to guide you? Most of my peers are leery of computers and just about use them for emails or to make Skype calls to their children overseas. The more intrepid ones actually have graduated to the iPod or iPhone or other android devices only to download applications to keep their grandchildren suitably occupied.

That left me with a hit and miss search for the right blog advisor. I approached one professional blogger who spoke the right jargon (which unfortunately I couldn’t quite understand) and found myself with a self hosted blog that I didn’t really want. Not only was this not what I wanted but the whole exercise left me a lot poorer and I finally understood how he made so much money every month just by blogging – all he needed was to find 5 suckers a month and voila – his nest egg was made!

There were several fellow bloggers who encouraged me and even offered some help but it was finally through Vidya and Corinne that I was put on the right track. Finally, thanks to Corinne, I got in touch with Blogelina and voila – here’s the new blog.

I do hope that this blog is finally the way I envisioned my blog to be.

I’m linking this post to Write Tribe ProBlogger Challenge which I’ve sadly neglected these past few weeks only because I was waiting for this new look blog to shape up.

Author: Bellybytes

Proud Mumbai gal who always sees the humour in life. The mum who made banana fritters when all the other mums made cupcakes.

19 Comments on “Finally a new look blog

    1. Thanks! I agree it’s tough getting someone to understand what you want without using technical language

  1. Oh this just so awesome. Lucky you that you got the much-awaited assistance in setting your blog. Am waiting too, for my angels to appear and help me with my blog transform so that it attracts a larger audience.

    yea, I understand that the content too matters 😛
    Ajay Pai recently posted…My Notorious Smile.My Profile

    1. Well you could try Blogelina too or ask Vidya to help. I think you are more tech savvy than I am so you may be able to do stuff on your own.

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