Month: August 2015


In a Homeopathic dispensary #MondayMusings

  Before I begin my Monday Musings, let me apologise to all homeopathic doctors and people who believe in this form of medicine – I have no intention of mocking you or laughing at you. As a matter of fact, I have a great respect for Homeopathy and am indeed grateful to those doctors who …


Words Unsaid #100Wordson Saturday

These days I don’t get much time to blog hence I love the #100 Words on Saturday which keeps the juices flowing with a prompt to help you get started. This is my response to   Today’s prompt:  writing my/his/her heart out. Do join this delightful blog hop !   Dear mum, Dearest Mum, Darling …

Mumbai Diary, Opinions

#GratitudeCircle- Farewell my local Banya

It’s time once again when we count our blessings for what we have. This week when the local banya told me that he was going to shut shop, I felt a sense of impending loss and I realised how lucky I was all these years to have someone just a phone call away to save …


Designing your blog – The Menu

Ok, I don’t claim to be an expert in designing a blog but as they say, you only learn through your mistakes. In my quest for making a new blog, I’ve discovered that first of all one should know the jargon or language. For instance the stuff that appears on the top of the blog …


Catching Stardust #100WordsonSaturday

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. We react to the same prompt rather differently. This is my reaction to this week’s #100 Words on Saturday  where you’ll find interesting responses to this picture prompt. In a dark and moonless sky when the stars shine bright as day, Or when they hide behind the clouds It’s time …


Waving Goodbye

Every writer longs to be recognised for his brilliant, scintillating writing , his ideas and imagination that seizes the world