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Simple ideas are often so simple that we miss seeing them altogether. This morning I received a video on my school Whatsapp group which I just have to share.

Isn’t it mind blowing? 

School children are burdened with homework and tests and peer pressure and parental aspirations but these issues are easier to deal with if the school facilities are comfortable – large classrooms, playgrounds, libraries and  clean toilets. So if children have to walk miles and sit hunched up on the floor for hours at a time, it is no wonder then that children prefer to drop out of school. These wonderfully innovative folding desks developed by AARAMBH truly seem to be the answer to improve rural school attendance and as we all know education is the first step on the path of progress. 

Happy Independence Day to all. 

I’m linking this to write tribe problogger challenge . 


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3 Responses

  1. Ajay Pai says:

    Unsure, why? This video made my eyes moist. Did you see the glee on their faces on receipt of the helpdesks.
    Thanks to the NGO.
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  2. Bal Jog says:

    Why can’t someone design portable ‘one room’ temporary shelter out of empty cartons on the same lines?

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