#MondayMusings – eternally waiting 

Day is done

Gone the sun 

From the sea , from the hills , from the sky

All is well, safely rest 

God is nigh.

Well, the beginning of another week is over and before I go to bed, I am reminded of these Taps we used to sing as Girl Guides .  

Today was one of those days where I played lady in waiting – waiting for the chemist to send the medicines we needed to stop the baby’s colic. Needless to say , the delivery came after we’d spent the better part of the evening walking the colic away! 

Last week I finally managed to get through to my regular plumbing contractor Mr. D who was away looking after an ailing mother -in-law . It seems that this lady who is well past her 80’s had a heart attack which was so severe that it would have killed her were it not for the intervention of a doctor whose treatment left her alive but barely just. Now the poor bed ridden lady who is also suffering from Alzheimer’s is just lying in bed wondering why she wasn’t allowed to die in peace. With her only child left in India to take care of her, she feels she’d be better off dead on the days she remembers who she is. On other days , she just stares blankly at her daughter. 

Like many urban , educated , upper caste Indians Mr.D faces the prospect of living out his old age in an assisted facility as his two sons have migrated overseas, knowing that their intelligence and hardwork would be unappreciated in India. Not only is this a loss for the country but also a loss for the parents who often have to pinch several pennies to send their children abroad to study.  

Now many children are more than willing to take their parents with them and carry out their filial duties but as Mr. D said he’d rather be alone in India than stay in the lap of luxury as an alien in a foreign land.

But does this mean that we are all condemned to a miserable old age and are better off dead? Should one decide when to pull the plug? 

The Buddha said that all life is suffering and an old lady once told me that each one of us has a quota of ‘suffering ‘ that we have to fulfil so planning one’s exit is as futile as walking in the rain without a raincoat and expecting to remain dry. 

So I’m going to stop worrying about my end but concentrate on the now and continue waiting for the Amazon parcel which was scheduled to come last week, continue waiting for the plane to arrive and to enjoy each moment while I wait.

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Author: Unishta

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