Month: September 2015


Waking up to another day


7 Takeaways from WIN15

WIN15 was a Sunday well spent  ; it was also a place where I met up with an old friend, caught with the enthusiastic Blogadda team that is always there for us bloggers, made a new friend and  enjoyed a day of sumptuous feasting and learnt a lot! There was simply a lot of food for thought – …


Who am I to judge?

At the end of every year TIME Magazine puts the photo of most influential person of that year on its cover. For many years it was the MAN OF THE YEAR till it became more appropriate to be gender non-specific and the title was changed to PERSON OF THE YEAR. I normally look forward to …


Beige is for classic, timeless and more

It’s that time of year when the monsoon clouds have gone and with Ganesha packed away, I feel the need to get ready for another round of festivities come Navratri. There’s nothing like a good lick of paint to get the house clean simply because when you actually strip the walls you get rid of …


Pink is for elegance, weathered and antique

I was all of 7 when my mother and my aunt dropped off my cousin and me to Eros Theatre right opposite Churchgate station to see the Oscar winner that year “My Fair Lady”  that had won most of the awards including one for its amazing sound track. Till today, the melodious sound of Julie Andrews …


Thank God for …..

 Reasons to thank God   This morning I got up early refreshed and early to seize the day. I scrolled through my mail box and came across Vidya’s post on Gratitude Day and realised that it is that time of the month where I take stock of what happens in the recent past. Thank you …