Day: 14 September 2015


Where are all those ideas now?#MondayMusings

  Content – Good content – regular updates : these are the ways to maintain a good blog. SO keeping this in mind, I try and think up content all the time. I mean, it’s easy enough to think of things while you are whirring up the eggs to make an omelet, or huffing up the …


Random Thoughts#AnythingGoesOnSunday

    Undoubtedly, this is one of my favourite quotes, though I must admit what really attracted me to this saying was the image of gentleman in the Johnnie Walker advertisement determinedly striding on no matter what! This last month has been one whirl of activity with three grandchildren at home, two of them under …


Fashion Recall – Saris on Saturday # 100 Words On Saturday

While cleaning out the cupboard, an orange silk sari reminded me of another era when college chic meant ‘Saris on Saturday’  because we’d run out of clothes to wear by then.  Our regular wardrobe comprised a pair of ill-fitting denim jeans (a sad attempt at Levi, by the neighbourhood darzi ), worn with humongous ( ‘extra small’ …