Beige is for classic, timeless and more

It’s that time of year when the monsoon clouds have gone and with Ganesha packed away, I feel the need to get ready for another round of festivities come Navratri. There’s nothing like a good lick of paint to get the house clean simply because when you actually strip the walls you get rid of a lot of clutter and by the time your painters have left, your home is pretty much as good as new.

Sadly I can’t get my house painted every year or every other year even simply because it is too much of a fiddle in our multi generational household so I’d rather go for a colour palette that I won’t get tired of too easily. Beige seems to be a no brainer with its bland, neutral statement  but I feel this shade of white has been unnecessarily given a bad name.


Just look at this gorgeous shade of autumn, of drying leaves and tea stains. There’s something classical and timeless with this unobtrusive colour that reminds you of the sandy beach, the pebbled path up a wooded slope, the drying grasses in an open field, a quiet shade that  soothes the eye. It brings to mind hot cappuccino or warm biscuits or shades of a frothy beer.

Dull and colourless?

Naaah! Not at all. These rooms look inviting and warm and this supposedly neutral colour easily absorbs the colour onslaught of bright accessories. After all when I throw out clutter I won’t be throwing out my favourite pillows or my sofa or even furniture, so naturally I have to consider all these factors while painting my house.

In my multi generational home  ranging from ages 80 + years to 8 + weeks,  we not only have four generations interacting but different personalities as well. This means that everyone’s tastes, needs and preferences have to be considered. My husband and father-in-law would naturally go for something more masculine than lavender while my grandchildren around means that white is a no no. Green is not a personal favourite with my husband who associates it with some unpleasant memories of the past while red is too strong a colour for me. So beige would inadvertently become the colour of choice.

Make the right choice

Now anyone who has painted a house will agree that the most difficult part of getting the house painted is to choose the shade. This is of course after one has gone through the other difficult part of pitching out the rubbish that has accumulated over time. But once the dust has settled and the walls are plastered smooth, the painter will come up with a shade chart with gorgeous colours to choose from. Then he will slather some paint to supposedly make things easier for you. But is it? Not at all!

So I found the PaintFinder on Bed Bath & More’s website a handy tool to make the right choice. Of course this application does not exactly represent my home but it gives me a better idea of how things will look like after the paint is on the wall. Bed Bath & More gives you more options than just finding the right paint – it gives you the complete run down on home decor with solutions for design and functionality. 


I had a fun time playing around with the colours and found that my  children’s room could look like this



or like this            


Not just for girls



PaintFinder gives you an approximate idea of what a room could like which is a better option than the cryptic answer any painter will give you ” Everything looks nice ( sab accha hai)”. The ideal solution would of course be to take a photo of your room and upload it to a PaintFinder App so that you get a real time mock up of your newly painted room. But of course that is not for the paint companies to come up with but App Developers and Designers.

A timeless look

In the meanwhile, just see how wonderfully welcoming these shades of aged Beige make the walls of these rooms. They make the house look classic and timeless. In our tropical climate where white can often hurt the eyes with its sharp brightness, beige rounds off the harshness with a soft touch of colour, the hint of soft sand by a bright blue sea.


“I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association with BlogAdda & Bed Bath & More

Do stop by and see how others have painted their walls wild.




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