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Pink is for elegance, weathered and antique

I was all of 7 when my mother and my aunt dropped off my cousin and me to Eros Theatre right opposite Churchgate station to see the Oscar winner that year My Fair Lady”  that had won most of the awards including one for its amazing sound track. Till today, the melodious sound of Julie Andrews trilling away rings in my ears. Who can forget those classics as Rex Harrison’s Professor Higgins tried his level best to  get the lady from the gutter, Eliza Doolittle to pass off as an aristocrat? I can never forget those songs, particularly Eliza’s dream of having a room somewhere.

So often I think about that one cozy little room that is all mine where I can really curl up in a chair and read a book or watch tv and of course gobble up all those chocolates one by one.

Pretty in Pink

Pink is very obviously a feminine colour; one associated with childish romance, girly talk and fragrant roses but for me the dusted pink look of BedBath&More’s  inspirational rooms evoke a certain mystery and romance to create rooms that are classic and elegant. Yes, pink is the eternal colour that one never really tires of – a colour with which you can play around and accessorise easily. Blue,grey and white are obvious choices for  interesting accents and contrasts but the right shade of any colour can easily fit it with pink.

Undoubtedly my house has strong feminine overtones with two daughters so pink would seem the obvious choice but now my two grandsons make up for this skewed gender distribution and even though they are still young, their toy cars and tool kits do not in any way clash with the perfumes lined up on my dressing table. Indeed, these little “man” things only make my pink rooms more charming and endearing.

In real life I have a fabulous kitchen, one with an unrivalled view of the Queen’s Necklace and which leaves my visitors gob-smacked. “No wonder, ” they tell me, ” you are inspired to cook with a view like this.” I hate to tell them that this is the view I get while doing the dishes : while I cook I have to face a wall! So I love painting the wall with an inspiring colour and have always had it in a shade of pink one that goes well with the three old ceramic plates I’ve saved from an old dinner set and mounted above the gas stove.

A huge curved wall  dominates the living space and dusky rose  adds to the sophisticated drama that unfolds as soon as you enter my home : my plump Chesterfield draped in textured beige, splattered with cushions placed and along the curved wall sits  beneath a bright Peruvian landscape. Scattered silk carpets in Navy and Camel  and antique chairs in polished ebony blend perfectly with this pink back drop.

Pretty in Pink – perfect for a cozy bedroom

Pink is the perfect colour for a lady’s bed room especially these deep warm colours of dusky rose. So naturally I’d like my bed room to be perfectly pink not the baby pink, ice cream pink  but a sophisticated dark salmon or burnt pink is soothing to the eye and gives me a warm, mushy feeling. Accessorised with luxurious creamy drapes and printed bed spread, I’d love to curl up in my dark polished rocking chair.

So is pink really what you think ?

I mean just look at these typical living spaces. Does the living room look even remotely “feminine”? It has a certain sophistication to it a warm, comfortable feel to it with the gentle touch of pink. As for the bathroom, while it is not really my idea of one – I’d prefer a more classic, softer look with fittings that don’t scream “JUST NOW” – the pink adds just the right touch of contrast to the grey tiled wall, bringing a dash of colour to an otherwise dull room. Which brings us to the bedroom which naturally has to be predominantly pink. I’d change the wall art though as it is definitely neither my style nor my colour as I would the furniture….it is too stark and functional for me. But the basic wall which is a large part of the room takes on a welcoming hue with Berger’s Coralyn 1T.

See what I mean? Granted pink walls are a NO NO for a boy’s room it is perfect for my family of two girls. As for the kitchen, aren’t the pink walls inspiring enough for you to cook up your family’s dream dishes?


Painting made easy

With the festive season coming up, many people are readying their homes for a season of celebrations. December is the time when our families come visiting and everyone is generally in a better mood. Painting the house can be quite a daunting task because very often what we imagine is not exactly what we get. If you ask your regular “rangwalla” which paint is good he’ll easily say ” All” . If you ask him for the better option or which colour will wear better showing him two to choose from he’ll say “Both”.

How do you deal with such exasperating answers? Can you paint the entire wall/house and then realise that it is not as you had visualised it? This is where “PaintFinder tool comes in really handy. This nifty little app that you’ll find on the Bed Bath More website is a great way to find out how the walls would look. Of course it’s not the exact same thing as actually painting a room for the colour on the wall differs according to the light of day etc. but it is much better at finding out what your walls would look like rather than the enigmatic  ” everything is good.”



“I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association withBlogAdda & Bed Bath & More


A granny who always sees the humour in life and tries to do things differently. When others make cupcakes, this granny makes banana fritters. When she’s not busy chasing her grandchildren who love making her run around, she indulges in her passions of reading, writing, meeting friends and watching movies. And somewhere between all this she enjoys travelling and cooking!

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