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One of my favourite quotes

Undoubtedly, this is one of my favourite quotes, though I must admit what really attracted me to this saying was the image of gentleman in the Johnnie Walker advertisement determinedly striding on no matter what!

This last month has been one whirl of activity with three grandchildren at home, two of them under three months! With the eldest of them being all of just 2 and 5 months, you can imagine how hectic it was from one poo to the next. But it was fun to have them around and even more challenging to remain calm and unhassled amidst all the activity of a ‘maternity ward’. This meant that there were lots of jobs that remained to be done – lots of things that needed tidying up. Indeed household jobs are never done.

Finally, today, with everyone out of the house ( each daughter in her own little nest) and the Hubby out on his own job that needed to be done, I had the house the house all to myself this morning. But I decided not to bask in the quiet , rather use the time to catch up with all those jobs that were crying out to be done. So unlike Johnnie, I didn’t put on my top hat, but like him, I took the first step and began my journey of tidying up my life….

The first step for me is almost always related to my kitchen and after looking into the fridge, I went to my favourite place in the world Bhaji Gulley and stocked up on veggies for the week ( yes I know Sunday is not the best day for Market) . I then called up my tailor and dropped off 7 blouse pieces so that he could get them stitched before my size changed. It would also help me wear my saris, many of which were languishing in my cupboard simply because I have no blouse to wear them with!

Around two months ago I re-launched my blog with Blogelina and found that I just didn’t have time to follow through with the re-launch. Yes, I did manage to transfer two blogs into one but the issue of re-tagging, recategorising , re-ordering the menu still remained.  So I re-organised my mail messages , read through them and tried to tidy up the blog once more.

With three babies to handle, I had borrowed a cot from a young friend. This became superfluous once the babies left so I dismantled it and sent it off to her with a thank you cake. Phew! That was a job that needed to be done especially since the guest room is going to be occupied from tomorrow night!

And even though every task on the list has not been ticked off, like Johnnie, I’ve taken the first step and am confident enough to stride through it by the end of this week.

Or will it still get longer ?

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