The value of TIME#MondayMusings

Well,  month is almost over and with December beginning tomorrow, I realised that the year is soon coming to an end. Every year I say that the year has gone by faster than it did last year and wonder what I have done all year long . Did I achieve any of my goals ?  […]

Rules of Engagement#Blogchatter#Prompt 25 Nov-2 Dec 

I actually came upon a blogpost by Richa in the general timeline of Write Tribe’s Facebook and was intrigued by the Title – Rules of Engagement.  What are the Rules and what is the Engagement?  The art of war (which I assume the word engagement refers to) is like a dance between two warriors or […]

My most memorable gift#WYHO

   Writing prompts are a great way to get those creative juices going; reminding me of a subject I loved in school – Composition–  an amazing word to describe the creative use of words and far more evocative than the staid Essay Writing , which to me is evocative of serious thought that prods the […]

Gardens by the Bay – when technology and nature combine.

This afternoon I got a chance to visit Gardens by the Bay another complex of stunning gardens that are a major attraction in the city of Singapore. If the Botanic Gardens blow you away by their sheer natural beauty, the Gardens by the Bay will wow you with their sheer audacity :artificial waterfalls, drift wood […]

Reaching for the sky

As I spend my last Friday in Singapore I’d like to share a sky that will forever epitomise this city in my memory : cranes reaching out to the sky,  making buildings that are taller and swankier.    And here’s another sky     For more skies from around the world do visit SKYWATCH FRIDAY.