Gardens by the Bay – when technology and nature combine.

This afternoon I got a chance to visit Gardens by the Bay another complex of stunning gardens that are a major attraction in the city of Singapore. If the Botanic Gardens blow you away by their sheer natural beauty, the Gardens by the Bay will wow you with their sheer audacity :artificial waterfalls, drift wood sculptures, and the flora of different ecosystems under one dome ( two, actually to be precise)  as a testament to the miracle of technology . 

Thus on a hot tropical afternoon you can wander amid desert cactii, African and Australian Baobabs, enjoy the gardens in South America, the Mediteranean and ultimately find yourself at the steps of Pollen a delightful eatery in the Flower Dome. 


This driftwood sculpture of a duck in flight is just one of the fantastic pieces of sculpture in the flower dome.

Some more tortured pieces of wood.  

The strange beauty of cactii .  

The forest of Baobabs


More driftwood animals

A white Christmas in the flower dome.  

Singapore’s magnificent skyline seen through the dome  

Some flowers are weirdly exotica and looked quite spooky to me

The Cloud Forest


 A magnificent waterfall welcomes you to the Cloud Forest inside the second dome  which is misted at given times to maintain the feeling of walking through a cloudy mist as you walk your way around a seven storey mountain .

Once again , this is pure fantasy where The Lost World with its Venus Flytrap and other rare botanical species stun you with their exotic beauty.



Can you make out the real plants from the Lego sculptures in the picture above? 


I just love Begonias and was thrilled to see these unusual varieties in such profusion of colour.  

Doesn’t this flower have an other worldly look to it? 


These are just two of the gardens that I saw at the Gardens by the Bay. Indeed their are many many more like the Supertree Grove with its   magnificent trees that light up at night and look like some strange extra terrestrial species of plant life. 

It takes a fare bit of time to see the gardens and the two gardens under the dome have an entrance fees which some may find a bit steep at $28 for each adult who is not Resident or native Singaporean. There are buggies that one can use to look around and conducted tours (for a fee of course ) that make the visit more enriching.

 The gardens invoke different reactions – some love the fantasy world while some find it too fake and far removed from reality but they are definitely awe inspiring and a true reflection of  how imagination can create a artistic blend of technology and nature.  


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  1. Just wow! Can’t believe they put Lego’s in the garden, love it!! Stunning photos, can only imagine being there in person how incredible it must be.

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