Rules of Engagement#Blogchatter#Prompt 25 Nov-2 Dec 

I actually came upon a blogpost by Richa in the general timeline of Write Tribe’s Facebook and was intrigued by the Title – Rules of Engagement. 

What are the Rules and what is the Engagement? 

The art of war (which I assume the word engagement refers to) is like a dance between two warriors or warring armies – one step forward and two steps back, a side  step a turn and forward with a flourish. Unlike a dance, however, wars aren’t joyous events and are precipitated by conflict. 

And in conflict each side has a point they want to win by hook or by crook so are there really any Rules of Engagement? Do wars begin at day break to bugle calls or drum beats ?  Does the fighting stop at night fall to begin again the next day?  Do people only fight with bearers of arms ? Do armies respect those caught as prisoners respecting their right to the warrior’s code? 

The Rules of Engagement have changed to urban warfare when battles are fought in streets and homes. When children and innocent in armed people are caught in the line of fire. When prisoners of war are treated with contempt and disdain. 

When all that matters is victory at all costs , the Rules of Engagement don’t matter at all. 


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