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Singapore here I come

Ok so here I am in Singapore having finished my first day of induction into the system. My Survival in the Big Bad World training actually began yesterday from our very own International Airport and its swank totally in signposted T2 which leaves me in awe of the millions of Indians who travel overseas to work- the uneducated kind who literally have to live with their wits about them. I mean here I am a post graduate ( ok it is a terribly out dated qualification) who has travelled extensively, actually wondering where to go. You can make out that I am not really used to travelling on my own and normally have Hubby Dear to do everything for me but sign my name and stand for the iris recognition .But I not only survived then onboarding but also landed safely at Changi. I was happy to note that the sign posting was pretty vague (so that must be the SOP) but I am proud to say CSIA really scores over Changi. 


Daughter no 1 whose I am visiting had cautioned me about getting suckered into a Meecedes cab (they cost more) but obviously my make up that had impressed the Dior salesman at CSIA – he actually asked me who had tinted my hair so expertly) didn’t impress the Singaporeans because he assigned me a regular Honda. I had smartly written out the address on a card which I showed to the cabbie who turned out to be quite chatty. I stepped out smartly only to realise that I had to take my three bags up a small flight of steps. I just about huffed and puffed and punched in her number before an elegant gentleman, obviously a resident, who was entering the building offered to let me in. The kind man man even helped cart my luggage to the lift and wished me a good evening before walking off. It was the that I realised I didn’t know which floor she lived on. Now I was in a real soup – there was no one to ask anything nor did I have a Mobile phone. I was just about to let myself out when I saw someone bringing in a gas cylinder. I asked him the way and he actually took me to the right floor and pointed out the apartment. Later on my daughter told me that he was the gas delivery man. 

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