The Confession of a reluctant iPhone blogger

Or how I was forced to blog on an iPhone


Blogging with a hard dicks

It’s strange, but for all the years I’ve been blogging, I’ve used my trusty desk top right from the days it was a bulky 486. Of course over the years I’ve been forced to upgrade thanks to the diagnosis of my hardware engineer who from time to time would tell me with glee ” Madam your hard dicks is crashed !”   

The reluctant iPad user

I actually love writing with a fat nibbed fountain pen but since no pen can write in the virtual world, I’ve had no option but to go digital . What a shame! However, I would look forward eagerly to the new advances in technology though I was reluctant to get a lap top.

As for the iPad, it was a complete no no from the moment I was presented with one and was in a way , relieved when Wow Dinga appropriated the iPad for himself and used it to download and watch Lala and friends in  teletubby land. 

What made me convert to the iPhone? 

For the past few days (18 days to be precise) I’ve been blogging on an iPhone no less!!!!!

Yes, for a reluctant iPad blogger , the transition to an iPhone is nothing short of shocking and I must confess, I’m loving it ( sorry MacDonalds for borrowing your tag line) and the reason for this is simply because I don’t have access to my hard disk anymore! 

Travelling to Singapore left me with little choice – blog on the iPhone or remain silent. So rather than remain silent , I ventured out of my comfort zone and actually began blogging on my iPhone , fat fingers and all. And as I said before, I’m lovin’ it! 

The benefits of blogging on the iPhone 

Of course it helps that the wifi on Singapore and the internet speeds are amazing. With due apologies to the Indian government , its promises of speedy /better internet connectivity remains a distant dream but if you do happen to get great connectivity , blogging on an iPhone is marvellous

  1. With the wonderful camera that the iPhone has , you don’t need a camera for great pictures . With a handy camera, all that you need is great pictures which can be easily uploaded on your blog.
  2. Unlike the iPad, the iPhone is small and convenient to use so you can literally blog while crossing the road.
  3. With your phone always on your person, you can blog at any time so that you can maximise your time and use it more efficiently.
  4. I also learnt how to use Evernote, Layout and Instagram 


So even though I am not a great fan of Apple, I am now a believer and would strongly recommend shifting to the iPhone for blogging.

Caveat- ensure that you have a great wifi connection and or Internet comnectivity in order to blog effectively on your iPhone.

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