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Last few skies of the year

Somehow as the year draws to a close, I begin to tick off all the things that I have achieved or should have achieved.

It has been quite a whirlwind this year with two more grandchildren joining our fold. This increase was also reflected in our middles and bottom lines which seemed to be the only bottom lines that showed positive results this year. Sadly, this was not the bottom line we were actively working towards increasing.

There were other things too apart from new babies that kept me on the treadmill for the major part of the year – chief among them being re-launching my blog. One of the greatest joys is continuing education and I am absolutely delighted that the computer has enabled me to learn new things right from my home with just the click of the button. I’ve learnt something about graphic designing thanks to Canva, and some more about blogging thanks to all those bloggers out there in the universe with whom I’ve been interacting. But before this turns into my next week’s post for the Gratitude Circle, let me share with you the last few skies of this year. The skies I’ve managed to capture since my return home.

                                                                                                             Blue and White over the Gym
                                                                                                    Clouds over Azad Maidan
clouds over the Gym
                                                                                                         Cottons fluffs over the Gym
                                                                                                                   sunset over Mumbai
                                                                                        Mumbai’s sun hiding behind the clouds


SIngapore 2015 1115
                                                                               Pink and golden sunset over Hanging Gardens



CST at night
                                                                                                                          CST at night

Now aren’t those some glorious skies from Mumbai?

For more skies around the world please visit Skywatch.

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