Life without the Internet would be dull and boring # WOW

When I get up in the morning I look at my phone for any messages that may have come in the night ( I have friends and family in different time zones if not physically, at least mentally) I also look at my phone the last thing at night. In fact, before the Internet, I […]

My Life As A Pie #WYHO

Two days ago I read a very interesting post on Corinne’s Blog which inspired me to write this post. For those of you who are following her blogs regularly, this was the second in her series  where she inspires you to find your ‘write’ voice. So I decided to follow  one of the exercises she had suggested […]

Sky with the Setting Moon and Rising Sun

Very rarely can one see the sun rising and the sun setting in the very same sky from the very same spot at the very same time. I know this happens every day, but it’s not often that I’m awake and free to capture this phenomenon . This Saturday past (23rd) we had a full […]

Joining the dots #Gratitude Circle

Seemingly random events make up the picture of our lives. Slowly but surely all the dots get joined up. This thought occurred to me  while watching the Republic Day parade. Seeing our military might march down Raj Path,  I remembered my own childhood which was spent in different Cantonment towns .  That’s when I thought : […]

FANTASTICO ! Gardens By the BaY –

What God has made, man can hardly surpass for He truly is the Ultimate Creator. But there are times when his best creation ( yes MAN) conspires with nature to make an object of beauty and wonder that is truly remarkable. When man and nature combine together, using technology and natural beauty, the outcome is […]