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Sky with the Setting Moon and Rising Sun

Very rarely can one see the sun rising and the sun setting in the very same sky from the very same spot at the very same time. I know this happens every day, but it’s not often that I’m awake and free to capture this phenomenon .

This Saturday past (23rd) we had a full moon. I looked up eastwards in the morning sky and captured the orange orb lighting up a golden sky.

On the other side of the house, the sky was different  – pink an blue with the full moon saying good bye .

That night I captured the full moon staring at the city lights below

Now wasn’t that a glorious sight to wish the world a very good night?

Yesterday we had the most horrific haze enveloping our city in its deathly embrace. The unusual cold weather and the increasing levels of pollution made Mumbai’s air quality the 2nd worst in the world. This is what SAFAR, the Ministry of Earth Science’s System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting And Research has to say :

Air Quality Forecast (1-3 days): Levels in µgm-3

Pollutants Today Advisory Tomorrow’s Forecast Advisory After 3 days Advisory
PM10 (µgm-3) 217.8 Moderate

213.9 Moderate

212.85 Moderate

PM2.5 (µgm-3) 153.1 Very Poor

152.5 Very Poor

151.5 Very Poor


We only have our politicians to thank for this sorry state of affairs. And of course the activists who don’t want to change a thing and the builders who want to grab land and the auto manufacturers who want to sell more.

It’s not EARTH that’s suffering but US, the regular man on the street who is slowly choking in the mess he helped create .

I am linking this to SKYWATCH FRIDAY which you should visit for more cheery pictures of skies from around the world.

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Happy Weekend all! May you enjoy two days of well deserved relaxation and peace.

Author: Unishta

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  1. Hey Sunita. Good captures. Yes, yesterday’s smog was thanks to a fire in the Govandi dumping grounds, that’s what I read on twitter! I always wonder why no one is taking up the issue of pollution in Mumbai and instead making a big hullabaloo about the Delhi pollution situation!
    Kala Ravi recently posted…Delirious Dilemma?My Profile

    1. Oh so that’s what it was. I did think something was burning …. I’m surprised the papers didn’t make a drink about it

    1. Yes apparently it was a fire in our dumping ground and it was not only hazy but stinky as well for those living closer to the dumping ground

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