Why should I be grateful? #GratitudeCircle

The whole of last week has been a whirl of activity with Bayda the Bai doing the Bunk. As usual when she goes, I spend the first two days just trying to find my way about my own kitchen. Then I spend the next few days tidying up and taking stock. Add to this doing all the work she normally does and you get a whole load of angst that leaves me wondering.

Why me? I ask myself when tears course down my face while chopping onions early in the morning.

Why me? I ask myself waiting behind five people in the queue for the lift which only fits in four at a time.

Why me? I ask myself when I’m stuck in the traffic, getting late for an appointment with a person who is a stickler for punctuality.

Why me? I ask myself when I toss and turn in bed with GERD after a meal that I had really enjoyed.

Why me ? I ask myself when I have to clean baby poo when I’m dressed to go out.

But last week when I attended the condolence meetings of my friends’ mothers I said ” Thank God  it’s not me! ”

I have a tendency to wallow in self pity especially when my bones ache at the end of the day but then I remember all the things I have to be grateful for

  • This month I celebrated a birthday with friends and family – two friends made time out of their busy schedules just to give me a birthday hug in my garden. It was a secret pleasure as we sat on the garden bench enjoying the cool breeze that was blowing in Mumbai.

Later in the day I cut a home made cake while my grandson blew out the candles with much gusto. And the best was for the last – a dinner at a restaurant that I was dying to go to – hosted by my daughters.

Now isn’t that something to be grateful for? 

  • As I hugged my friends who had lost their moms I silently thanked God that I still had mine. They say that you never really grow up till your parents are around. With parents in law and parents both well into their 80’s I must be the only 50+ person in the world who is still a”child”

Now isn’t that something to be grateful for? 

  • The view out of my balcony is to die for. Our building is one of those few in Mumbai with a garden that is green and lush and well looked after. Currently one lift is closed because it is being replaced which is why there is a wait with the pressure on the single operating one being doubled. But after 6 months, it will be faster and safer to travel in the lift.

Now isn’t that something to be grateful for? 

  • Unlike most of my friends, I am tied up with baby duty that often has me crawling on my knees to play with them or look for a toy that has slipped under the sofa or makes me bend to pick them up. But this exercise has only made me more supple than I would normally be at this age (yes, despite all the yoga) . Also the babble of baby talk and seeing the world through the eyes of an almost three year old, gives me a fresh perspective on many things.

Now isn’t that something to be grateful for? 

  • When the days go by in a whirl of activity, I actually relish the few moments of peace before I close my eyes. Despite the exhaustion, there is a sense of satisfaction that I can’t explain.

Now isn’t that something to be grateful for?

  • When I’m busy trying to meet deadlines for content creation or articles for magazines that don’t pay me anything, I feel happy that there is someone out there who values what I write. Meeting people in the course of my free article writing is fulfilling beyond belief – an opportunity to meet people I’d have never ordinarily met. A brief encounter with a person who is a mover and shaker is inspiring and motivating.

Now isn’t that something to be grateful for? 

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Join me and others who share their gratitude with #GratitudeCircle hosted by Vidya Sury. Finally I’m grateful for all those bloggers who constantly support me with their words of encouragement, especially when I’m moaning and groaning and drowning in self pity.

Now isn’t that something to be grateful for? 

#Gratitude Circle

Author: Unishta

A granny who always sees the humour in life and tries to do things differently. When others make cupcakes, this granny makes banana fritters. When she’s not busy chasing her grandchildren who love making her run around, she indulges in her passions of reading, writing, meeting friends and watching movies. And somewhere between all this she enjoys travelling and cooking!


  1. True – we could always find so many things to crib about buut if we look deeply there are for sure things to be grateful about too! Loved wat u wrote – thankful indeed for people in our lives!

  2. That was a lovely post ! its so easy to look at all those things that we don’t have and keep making a fuss, and cry about. but there are so many things in life, for which we must be grateful. The fact that we are breathing, having a roof over our head, have a family to support and the list can just go on… its a pleasure to keep counting the blessings; in order to be happy!! thanks for reinforcing what I believe and appreciate you for sharing this post. thanks.

    I like the look of your page, its very neat and simple:)
    G Angela recently posted…Grateful for month of February 2016My Profile

    1. Yes I particularly am so involved in feeling sorry for myself that I need this gratitude exercise at least once a month

  3. Such a beautiful post, Sunita! You’ve captured the beauty of gratitude – focusing on appreciating what we have! Thank you for joining me in the Gratitude Circle bloghop.

    I commented as soon as you published your post, but it looks like it got lost!
    Vidya Sury recently posted…Gratitude is like a flashlightMy Profile

    1. Thanks for appreciating Vidya. Yes, your comment did get lost and I’m glad you re-sent it. Comments make me really feel happy.

  4. I’m so glad you liked the birthday celebrations – you are so special to all of us, it is the least we can do for you. I am so thankful you are my mother!

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