Mosque on Friday

In the middle of the afternoon , in the middle of the week, I captured this wonderful shot of Haji Ali Mosque built on a rocky promontory off Mumbai’s shoreline, accessible by a walkway that is submerged at high tide. 

The sun was high and the sky was blue so different from the picture I captured earlier in the week and earlier in the day from the other side ( or what we often call the back side 😉 ) 

Here the sun is still weak and the sky is a pale grey blue. 

Isn’t it amazing how the same place and sky can look so different? 


The Haji Ali Mosque and Durgah was one of the places that was part of a current national debate on the right of women to unrestricted entry in places of worship. It is a popular pilgrim spot and has thousands of visitors especially on Friday and other Holy Days , when it wears a festive look with flags and buntings fluttering in the sky and balloon sellers and street food vendors thronging around.

For more skies from around the world do visit Skywatch Friday.

Happy weekend ! 

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Author: Unishta

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  1. Beauiful shot, darling!
    Btw, have you changed the theme of your blog?
    It took me some moments to find the comments section 😀
    Or maybe I just lost my orientation.
    Have a nice evening

    1. Thanks for the praise! Yes I have changed the theme of my blog. I thought it was more sophisticated than the earlier one.

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