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A perfect Wednesday morning #shopping

It is the middle of the week and I’m just recovering from a harrowing weekend which saw me hooked up to an IV drip on what should have been a perfect Sunday morning. But I’ll leave that to another post since I’m currently enjoying a perfect Wednesday morning. 
 Concern India is a unique NGO supporting and sponsoring several NGOs that take up various causes. One of their pet projects is to promote art whether it is an exhibition or auction to raise funds for their sponsorship activities or through craft fairs that encourage and promote traditional skills. With most government emporia closing down or stuck in a time warp, I look forward to such exhibitions that showcase crafts with a modern aesthetic. This morning I just came out of the Coomarswamy Hall with a smile on my face and a new bangle on my wrist. Pause for a Cause will be here for another two days so hurry if you are on the look out for linen or chanderi saris , costume jewellery , fancy mojris,block printed yardage and affordable chic from independent fashion designers. 

The museum shop,I discovered is a great place to shop for knick knacks, giveaways and souvenirs. Local crafts,prints, story books , puzzles – in fact something for everyone 


And when you’re done,enjoy a cup of coffee in the adjoining verandah and think back on the days when it was Samaovar, under the watchful glare of a stony faced  Prince of Wales standing outside the museum. 

So isn’t that reason enough for me to bill this as the perfect Wednesday morning? 

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  1. Museum shops are certainly wonderful place for shopping. In the United States, some of them even have catalogs where you can shop by mail order.

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