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Ok, so this year I hope to get it right. Last year was the first year I participated in this blogging challenge and thought that it would be easy, especially since I do normally blog every day. But having no idea of how it really works, and not being a “specialist” in any particular field, I decided to wing it and write about the first word that came to mind. Thus on day One which was the Day of Letter A, I chose to write about Apple Pie and Amsterdam  and ending with Z is for Zebra Crossing, Zumba Dancing and Zits. But writing themelessly is not as seamless as I imagined so I decided to actually spend some time this year THINKING of what I am going to write about and GET READY for the challenge.

Ruminating and reflecting

Having just read Corinne’s post on the word that was invented the year of her birth, I was inspired to look up what was mine. It turns out that it was

Your OED birthday word is:
photocall, n.
Meaning: Originally: a summoning of theatrical or other performers to be photographed, esp. during a rehearsal or before or after a performance
See the entry in the OED to see a quotation of its first-known usage

There! Now you even know the year of my birth. But thank you Corinne for doing all the hard work – it is quite a fiddle finding something in the dark  and I appreciate your enthusiasm in scouring the net and finding out new things which you so willingly share.

But having learnt that there was a new word added to the dictionary the year I was born, got me to think of what was the word that would have me describe the year past. (The word I chose to represent this year was BE ME). Well the word or rather words that would best represent last year would have to be RUMINATE and REFLECT two words that seem to dominate my life when I am not actually living it in real time.

Look before you leap

After a year of ruminating and reflecting, I’ve come to the conclusion that most of my life has been impulsive – I just jump in the water and learn to swim . Now this may be a good way to learn but it is a bad way to perform. Life, I realised, needs to be approached in a more systematic manner, you need to plan and you need to THINK before you make that jump into the unknown…….

On your mark, get set…….

Trying to be a bit more organised can be difficult for a person like me who thrives on chaos. So when I actually decided to spend some time on figuring out what next ( by the time I registered for the challenge, my number had already slipped to 302! and now as I put up my linky for the Theme Reveal, it’s already going beyond the 300 mark.

But once again, I was confused. What post do I link ?

So I visited some of the links and realised that they had posted their latest posts and that they would raise the curtain only on the 21st i.e. next Monday.


Well, I’ve got my theme ready and will be working on it so watch out for this space next Monday.

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  1. Being the entirely random kind, I can well appreciate how you prefer not to be organized, Sunita. Looking forward to reading about your theme. I’m sitting out the A to Z this year, having being unable to complete last year.

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