March skies from Mumbai

On Wednesday morning I entered the kitchen and glanced out of the window and was simply gobsmacked by this gold kissed sky. The Windows glinting in the morning sunlight looked like bricks of gold.   

Then I took a shot of the same scene as reflected through the kitchen window and got this stunning, slightly futuristic shot below.

In the middle of the afternoon some time in the week I got this shot of the deserted beach and anchored fishing boats with the buildings of Nariman Point brooding in the background.


There was a stiff wind blowing as could be seen from the wind sock in the picture below.

Another view of Malabar Hill against a mid day sky.    

A lone sea gull strutting along the promenade at Marine Drive in the mid day sun.
The sky awash with streaks of cloud as the sun began its westward journey.


And waiting for the lights to turn I caught this gorgeous evening sky off Haji Ali.

Another golden early morning before the city awakes.    

A spattered sky with hint of sun making its journey home.

 This week I captured some lovely skies as the days are slowly getting hotter. With humidity in the 80s , it won’t be long before the monsoon clouds start building up. It’s early yet but last week we had some scattered albeit scanty showers that were enough to damage the mango blossom. 

Linking this to Skywatch Friday and wishing you a happy weekend! 

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12 Responses

  1. Indrani says:

    Great captures of reflected light! Very well composed.

  2. Parul says:

    Wow! Each of the shots are so well captured. Loved your post. Watching the sky is my favourite thing too 🙂

  3. Alexander says:

    Very beautiful photos here!

    Have a good weekend!


    Alex’s World! –

  4. says:

    A lovely series of shots.

  5. Vasantha Vivek says:

    Stunning captures !!!

  6. Andrea says:

    Great photos, love how you capture the beauty in many different settings. I think we often forget to do that.
    Visiting you from the A to Z challenge ?

    • Bellybytes says:

      Look forward to meeting you in the A to Z this year. What theme will you be choosing? I’m still finding it hard to focus on one topic.

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