#MondayMusings- In sickness or in health

How to ruin a perfect weekend 

Last weekend which should have been a happy one started off badly with a loose remark being taken the wrong way. I was brushing my teeth before turning in when Hubby Dear asked me a question. I can’t remember what it was but all I recollect is that the moment my answer left my lips, the weekend began unraveling. Suffice to say that we both spent the night in frosty silence and it wasn’t surprising that our proposed trip to Pune was called off when the sun rose on Saturday. 

In an attempt to make peace, Hubby Dear suggested a lunch at the Club followed by some shopping knowing that retail therapy is an ideal cure for a sulky spouse. However, lunch turned out to be a bad idea because even before I could swallow the first morsel, I had a severe attack of water brash and actually threw up in my napkin. I rushed to the loo and threw up some more and some more on the way back. There was no question of eating as I kept throwing up regularly after that. By the end of the evening I had managed to throw up at least 10 times , including the prescribed medication to stop vomitting. 

Eventually I called up Anna Shetty who was away for the weekend and was told to get a shot of anti emetic. Unfortunately even that didn’t help and the next morning found me admitted to hospital and hooked up to half a pint lest I dehydrated before she returned the next morning. 

Men are from outer space 

Lying on the bed in the casualty and wondering what the bill would be in Mumbai’s latest hospital didn’t help the vomitting much and it was only after a second shot did the eject reflex settle down. 

The next day I went to see a gastro-enterologist down the road . In fairness to Hubby Dear his boss was due to arrive that night but he cried off from coming with me to the doctor citing a scheduled conference call. I also sent back the car and walked home. Now of course I wasn’t at death’s door nor was my condition alarming but I’m amazed at how  no one thought it even possible that I might just want someone around ! 

That’s when I realised that men and women are definitely not on the same page. Let me clarify that Hubby Dear is extremely loving , caring solicitous, indulgent and a perfect spouse but it is in healthcare that men and women are fundamentally different. And this is not a judgement but an observation . 

We women are supposed to have a higher tolerance for pain,hence childbirth, more patience, hence less stress, more stamina, hence more capacity to multi task and do more than one job  but why do I feel weepy and vulnerable when I think of myself walking home all alone? 

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6 Responses

  1. So sorry you were ilI. How awful that you had to walk home alone! 🙁

    I can relate, having been through a recent health crisis myself. You’re right, men just don’t have the same sensibilities as women, which I also witnessed from my own husband when I was sick, although he did a good job running things at home.

    Here’s hoping you’re fully recovered now and that all is well between you and your hubby.

    • Bellybytes says:

      Yes as you would know …. These skirmishes are par for the course of a happy marriage….. Luckily my GERD ( which is what it was) is now being treated . Thanks for your concern

  2. Sorry to hear you were unwell. The difference between men and women is even more apparent when they are ill! 😉
    Take care!

  3. Parul says:

    Oh gosh! hope you are feeling better now. Take care of your health.

    Poor men! It’s the EQ that they lack 😉

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