The Bridge to Nowhere 

In the middle of a busy intersection in the Southern part of Mumbai, is the ugliest skywalk ever made . It took almost four years to complete and at the end of it, the Municipality of Mumbai realised what they did wrong – It was too ugly and cumbersome, there were too many houses it actually looked into and the ultimate clincher – all the roads were still not connected so pedestrians still had to dodge the cars that now had to dodge the pillars, making the traffic even more chaotic than before. So now we have a huge ugly skywalk that is fed by four bridges that really lead to nowhere.

However, the Municipality also realised that most pedestrians were ordinary people and being the government of the people, decided to make an escalator so that the old and the infirm could use the bridge ( it was much higher than normal to allow the oversized Ganesh statues to pass during the 10 day Ganesh festival of Mumbai.

Unfortunately no one in the Municipality thought about climbing down the skywalk so there isn’t any escalator to climb down. Perhaps they secretly want  people to jump off!

But they still didn’t make an escalator to climb down . So they did the next best thing – they never operated  the escalator going up. And the bridge remains a monstrosity that no one uses.

The escalator that was never used

The hallmark of a democracy is that it is the government of the people, for the people and by the people. Obviously we are a stupid people to elect a stupid government to rule over us.

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8 Responses

  1. Manish Purohit says:

    An absolute case of poor planning…great you brought forward the point.

    • Sunita Rajwade says:

      I agree with you – poor planning and poor thinking…..This place didn’t need a bridge. It needs more discipline!

  2. Rajeev Jog says:

    This is not poor planning. This is great planning. By the persons who awarded the contract and the persons who built the project. Most likely they made a lot of money on the deal.

    • Sunita Rajwade says:

      Of course – all those Municipal workers on the make….must have an audit as to which one of them was building houses at that time or lining his nest ……

  3. Suzy says:

    That is hideous. Sometimes things can go wrong.

  4. Kavipriya Moorthy says:

    Oops! 🙁 Happens! every city has such plan gone wasted!

  1. April 12, 2016

    […] I’ve never had the time to walk down so this Saturday, I made it my mission to walk over the ugliest bridge to nowhere and visit the shop. The shop was everything I expected it to be – grungy, overcrowded and […]

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