On the trail of the perfect egg cup #atozchallenge@AprilAtoZ

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E is for egg cup

HoImage for Ew I long for those days when my breakfast consisted of a glass of orange juice, two buttered toasts and a soft boiled egg served in an egg cup. I loved tapping open the egg stirring the just setting white and the runny yolk and eating it with buttered toast. Alas! With fears of E coli and all kinds of health issues, soft boiled eggs became unfashionable and with it , the egg cup.

But eggs are still good for growing children so when the doctor prescribed them to the grandchildren, I began looking for the egg cups. Naturally, there were none to be found, so I had to hunt the shops.

“Egg cups? What’s that?” asked most salesmen who hadn’t even heard of eggs let alone egg cups.

I thought I’d have better luck abroad so when I visited Singapore last year, it was a good excuse for me to hang around and browse in stores selling kitchen and tableware ( my ultimate passion). But here too, I was disappointed as soft boiled eggs and egg cups really seemed to be yesterday’s menu!

I almost abandoned my hunt when I spied some hiding shyly behind the salt cellars and I quickly grabbed a pair. While packing them up, I suddenly felt I should get some more, so I dashed back to the shop the next day. To my surprise, they were all sold out! Image for Egg cup

I wonder if the egg cups in my possession now, are some of the last in the world? 







I’m participating with over 1000 bloggers in the 7th  A to Z Challenge  and will be blogging the whole of April about the ‘ Things around My House’, from A to Z. My object for today is E for Egg Cup. 

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Author: Unishta

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  1. I hadn’t heard of an egg cup until you mentioned. We normally eat hard-boiled ones at home and needless to say it is one of my favourites. Good that you managed to collect a few, they look nice and cute too!

    1. Well, I didn’t think of online stores – I should remember that when these break. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I was not aware of the egg cup till I saw it when I was in UK. And the folks there felt it was an absolute necessity. They had some very pretty designs. Now I think I should have bought them. This post brings back some good memories.

  3. Egg cups were a part of my childhood too. My husband was just telling me yesterday how much he missed soft bolied eggs.. And now I feel like having some with buttered toast and orange juice….And sadly, like you mentioned, it had become un-fashionable recently. the last time I noticed my mother was using some of her little steel egg cups as candle stands!!!!
    Great post.
    #AtoZChallenge- E is for Eating for two

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