Do you really need a pregnancy pillow? #atozchallenge

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My theme for the 7th  A to Z Challenge  is ‘ Things around My House’. Today is P for Pregnancy Pillow. 

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Do you really need a pregnancy pillow?

Anyone who knows me will ask this very obvious question because they know the equally obvious answer – NO. So how did I land up with a Pregnancy Pillow in my home?

Obviously it came home when one of my daughters was pregnant. In fact I would strongly recommend a pregnancy pillow to every woman because
increased weight and bulk particularly in the later months, finding a comfortable position to sleep is even more elusive than sleep. Many pregnant women land up tossing and turning and spending night after  sleepless night. Considering that your nights will go for more of a toss after the baby is born, it is better to have a restful night during the pregnancy itself with the help of a pregnancy pillow.
Besides, a pregnancy pillow helps with problems like lower back pain sciatica, carpal tunnel, nasal congestion, heart burn or even Gastric reflux that arise when forced to sleep in positions other then the natural sleeping position.
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Thus it was that the Leachco Pregnancy Pillow  ( or Snoogle as it is called) found its way into my house. It was still useful after the baby was born and was used to prop up baby when she was learning to sit and also later on to coral her when she just began to crawl. Currently we use it to stop her from crawling under the sofa.
Do you think it will come handy in  my old age too?
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  1. This looks absolutely useful. I wish I had it back then. Imagine the back support and sleeping sideways. So comfortable.

  2. I never got this although I was really curious. I did use a nursing or boppy pillow. Any ways totally love how you’ve improvised it use… To stop baby from crawling under the sofa. So cute!

    1. I didn’t believe my daughter when she told me about this and I actually laughed at the idea. But she swears by it!

  3. Very handy to have at any age,I think. Makes curling up and sleeping so much easier. I wish I had one when I was pregnant!!! Yes, you’ll definitely find it useful, Sunita 🙂

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