Are these slippers fit for a king? #atoz challenge

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My husband had an uncle who wore the original Peshwa Slippers that were soft and comfortable and had long pointed toes that curled to the top. Every evening, as part of his ritual, he would shower after his long walk by the sea, get into a  crisp cotton kurta-pyjama, slip on these slippers and come down for a drink, swirling a glass of whiskey in his hand. My little girls were mesmerised by those slippers and wondered if he was really a wizard disguised as a grand uncle.

Following in his uncle’s footsteps, my husband took to wearing this foot wear but when  the last shoemaker on earth (who made them in Mahabaleshwar)  died  some 10 years’ ago, he had to make do with this pretender of a Puneri Jode or Peshwa Slipper which I bought from  Sahyadri Footwear,62 Budhwar Peth, Ganpati Chowk, Laxmi Road, Pune. You don’t have to go that far, if you really want them, you could get them via email at sahyadri.lr@gmail.com with a scanned copy of your foot. 

Today these slippers are kept carefully beside my husband’s cupboard, ready for him to slip into after his evening shower. They may not be a patch on the real ones but they do exude some kind of aura of royalty . Moreover, they continue to fascinate our grandchildren who gravitate towards them without fail every time they crawl into our bedroom, finding them as irresistible as their mothers did.

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Today is S for Slipper as I blog about ‘Things around my house’ in the 7th A to Z Challenge.

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        1. Not really. I think the leather is really soft camel skin so the back fold is a bit like a heel

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