Sun rising in a concrete jungle #SkywatchFriday

It had to happen one day. With the concrete jungle getting thicker everyday, I was waiting for an opportunity  to capture the sun inside a building.

Finally, I saw this tiny orange globe squished inside a concrete structure, like a balloon looking for escape.

image for sun in a building
Of course it wasn’t long before it managed to rise above and escape !


For many, this is the second day of a very long weekend ( yesterday was Ambedkar Jayanti and today is Ram Navmi)  I hope you are enjoying this break.

And for the rest, Happy Weekend.

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Author: Bellybytes

Proud Mumbai gal who always sees the humour in life. The mum who made banana fritters when all the other mums made cupcakes.

8 Comments on “Sun rising in a concrete jungle #SkywatchFriday

  1. Love this shot! I don’t think of Mumbai as having the same sort of concrete jungle that we have here in LA, California…but your shot could easily be LA!!! Great capture!

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