Sunrises from Mumbai # SkywatchFriday

I wanted to track down sunsets for a week but somehow the sun always manages to set just when I have to get the babies wound down for the day. So I thought it may be easier to capture the sunrises instead.

Here’s my sunrise from Sunday 17th April. It started out with a brilliant sun peeping out over a clear blue sky with a splattering of cloud.

On Monday 18th the sky was smoggy and murky but the sun that came out was a bright, golden,orange.


Tuesday was another gloomy day and the sun didn’t come out high in the sky till around 7.30. By that time I was too immersed in the day to capture a higher sunrise than this.

On Wednesday 20th the sky was really overcast and I was worried that the Zubin Mehta and Andrea Bocelli concert we were scheduled to attend would be a wash out.  Luckily the weather held and we were treated to an experience of a lifetime as we heard Andrea Bocelli and Maria Carazawa under a Mumbai sky, with soft breezes blowing occasionally to take your spirits heavenwards.

The grey clouds continued on Thursday 21st

And finally on Friday I managed these captures starting 6.00 am and just a few minutes later. It was amazing how a grey sky soon becomes a pink blush and then a blazing hot day.

While the rest of Mumbai swelters in the heat, we are still lucky to enjoy the breezes throughout the day. The nights are particularly pleasant but we still can’t wait for the rain to come and cool the earth down.

Happy Earth Day and Happy Skywatching.

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  1. That last line. I calculated in the morning, another two months to go before we get rain. In my whole life, I have never seen a drier spell.

  2. The pictures are terrific but I have to admit, it was the description of the concert that really swept me away… 🙂

    Very cool A-Z theme!

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