Month: May 2016


A time to sew and a time to rip#MondayMusings

Ripping time I’ve always been fond of sewing as far as I can remember and used to love making little garments for my little dollies as a little girl.  In school, needlework was compulsory and as an 8 year old, we had to make a pleated skirt, a smocked nightdress  and I can’t remember the …

MILLENIALS & BABIES, New born to 1 year

Why I didn’t sleep last night

There are some nights you don’t sleep because you have too much work to do and you can’t sleep until it’s done.  There are some nights you can’t sleep because of the street sounds that disturb you. There are some nights you can’t sleep because the bed is uncomfortable ( especially if you are a …


Tring, tring, telephone #Friday Reflections

What is a telephone? We were looking through the picture book when we saw a picture of a phone “What is that ? ” the little one said, ” A telephone,” replied I, patting his head. “And what is that?” he asked again “To help you talk to someone else.” “But what about the screen? …

LIFESTYLE, Mumbai Diary

Puff,the Magic Dragon is clouding up my sky#SkywatchFriday

Clouding up my sky   Wednesday night found some Mumbaikars getting relief from the oppressive heat. But not me. On Thursday morning I woke up to Puff, a giant cloud of dragon chasing away the small puffs from my sky! Is it my constant interaction with the little ones these days that makes me see …


Celebrating birthdays #MondayMusings

Image for First Year Birthday photoframe

Celebrating birthdays – and now we are one Of all the birthdays that are celebrated, the first birthday is the most fun – especially for the parents. This is one party that the parents throw for or on behalf of their child with absolutely no input or advice from the person whose birthday is being …


My first ever blogger award#Liebster Award

OMG! OMG! OMG ! My first ever blogger award! Much like the winners of the Beauty Pageants, I can’t help putting my hands to my face and exclaiming in wonder :  today I won my first ever blogger award. Sometime ago I read a blog post about how  awards given by other bloggers are purely …