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40 winks in the afternoon- Just what Granny ordered

Child’s play? You must be kidding

Any one who has looked after children will tell you that looking after children requires all your ingenuity, physical resources and patience. With temperatures rising higher by the day, it is a tall order  to keep them happy and occupied especially when they are of different ages. I am a 3 year old granny and thought that  I was an old hand at baby care but obviously I got the plot all wrong.

With the regular children’s maids on holiday even with new help it was a daunting task. Simply because children are reluctant to go to strangers. This means that I still have look after the children myself.

“Can I also sleep in the cold room?”

After a morning of playing, napping and feeding,  I was quite exhausted . I also realised that it was far too hot for any of them to keep their cool and before the scene descended into chaos,  I took Po ( my 10 month old grandson) and Ms Papaya ( my 11 month old grand daughter) into the airconditionned bedroom one by one and let them sleep for a 40 winks. Wow Dinga, the 3 year old was still up and about and as lost as I was. Before I could think of an activity to keep him quiet, he came up to me and asked

“Can I also sleep in the cold room?”

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There is no sight sweeter than three sleeping children on a hot and sultry afternoon

Needless to say, he didn’t have to ask twice . I enjoyed half an hour of blissful peace while the children grabbed their 40 winks.

Granny was right  after all – an afternoon nap is essential for the well being of both the care giver and the child!


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