Celebrating birthdays #MondayMusings

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Celebrating birthdays – and now we are one

Of all the birthdays that are celebrated, the first birthday is the most fun – especially for the parents. This is one party that the parents throw for or on behalf of their child with absolutely no input or advice from the person whose birthday is being celebrated. So the parents are free to decide the menu, the venue and the guest list. And as Granny, all I really have to do is look pretty and enjoy the fun.

Next month and the next, we will be celebrating the first birthday of Ms. Papaya and Little Po. While I am not actively involved in the preparations, I am excited with the gift I’m planning for them : a photo frame with photographs of their first year. When I first saw this gift, I thought it was a bit cheesy but when I see little Wow Dinga smiling out at me at different stages of his first year of life, I am happy with this reminder of how much he has grown. With albums being kept away and digital memories hard to access, this quick and easy reminder is a great birthday gift for a one year old.


Sifting through memories

For the past two weeks or so, I’ve been sifting through the  folders on my desk top trying to locate the hundreds of photographs that I’ve taken over the year. I was horrified to find it a labyrinthine mess. I’ve literally dumped files any which way and created a bundle that needs to be sorted out one tangled mess at a time. The convenience of downloading digital memories from any device to any device has actually made me more disorganised. How easy it is to just save something with a promise to return later and file it properly. But then, anything that is not done in time, gets relegated to the back burner and finally the whole mountain of stuff just comes crashing down.

[ctt title=”It is, therefore, important to file away photographs properly so that they can be accessed easily.” tweet=”It is, therefore, important to file away photographs properly so that they can be accessed easily.” coverup=”2oRpi”]

Getting ready to celebrate

Once my photos are sorted out, all that’s left is to find a sari blouse that fits ( remember the mystery of the shrinking blouse? ) , get dressed and help the little ones blow out the candle on the cake.

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I simply can’t believe a year is getting over. There have been sleepless nights, restless nights, drippy noses, and tumbles but when you see the smilImage for Mondaymusingses, the gurgles and the love as they reach out with their little hands, you know it’s worth those days gone by.

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