Cows only give milk!

Did you know that cows only give milk?

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This happy cow is chewing grass so that we can drink her milk!                                     image 

It was only yesterday, that I learnt that cows ONLY give milk! I had some errands  to run and  was reluctant to leave Wow Dinga at home with the babies

“Why don’t you come for a drive with me ?” I suggested knowing fully well that the answer would be

“No” with a long, hard stare.

“I promise you it will be fun. You can see the road digger ( all the roads are being frantically dug up before the rains lash Mumbai) , the cement mixer ( so many buildings being constructed ) and the garbage truck! “

He continued staring at me , unconvinced.

“You might even see the Fire Engine!

I could see a glimmer in his eyes as he decided whether or not to come.

Luckily we saw all the vehicles as promised including the 3 gleaming fire engines we saw parked at the Fire Station. Wow Dinga was pleased.He refused to get out of the car , preferring to sit inside with Madhukar our driver and  watch the cow chewing cud on the pavement.

When I returned, I was surprised to see him and Madhukar feeding  the cow. He looked even more excited than he did seeing the fire engines!

“Weren’t you scared the cow would chew off your hand ?” I asked in mock amazement

“No ! The cow gives us doodoo. And I gave her grass so she can give doodoo”

“But weren’t you worried that the cow would do soosoo? ” I asked, having seen several of them emptying out their bladder.

“No! ” he intoned with the wisdom of a 3 year old “Cows don’t do soosoo. They only give doodoo! “

I wonder what will convince him that cows are ordinary animals with normal, natural functions? 

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  1. I won’t be believe today while dropping him off he told me he fed a cow yesterday. I as usual assumed he was faking it!!! What a lovely post!

  2. Haha, kids have their own interpretations and theories! Sometimes it is better off to let them believe that cows only give doodoo ;). A cute little story.
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