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Why I didn’t sleep last night

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                                                           Imagine being kept awake last night because of this!

There are some nights you don’t sleep because you have too much work to do and you can’t sleep until it’s done. 

There are some nights you can’t sleep because of the street sounds that disturb you.

There are some nights you can’t sleep because the bed is uncomfortable ( especially if you are a fairytale princess) .

There are some nights you don’t sleep because you are excited and anxious. 

But last night I didn’t sleep because of a gold hooped earring.

How could this tiny little gold hoop ruin my  sleep last night ?

It all began when Ms Papaya decided to yank off my earrings along with my specs. I was amazed at the strength of this little girl  … In between wriggling out of her towel and squirming in my arms, she managed to reach out to my ear and pull the ring out. Before it could make the predictable journey to her mouth, I pried it from her grip and congratulated myself for averting a disaster. I put the earring back in my ear and continued with the evening routine of feeding and putting the baby to sleep .

Getting  ready to nod off myself, I reached out to remove the earrings and was shocked to find one missing ! I quickly jumped out of bed and looked all over the house trying to find it, even checking the dirty diaper bin!

The whole night I imagined that one of the babies had swallowed it and tried to keep all the horrid possible scenarios from flashing in my mind. I tossed and turned, got up from time to time and checked and re-checked every possible place it could have dropped off – the sofa,underneath the dining table, among the bed clothes. And all this was surreptitiously done for fear of alarming the other adults whose panic levels far surpass mine

Finally this morning I looked under the dining table for one last time and there in the morning light I found it glinting smugly – happy to have kept me awake all night.

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