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Way back in school, my dear friend Nilu invited me to her cousin’s wedding lunch at a community hall. That was my first experience of eating at a Bohri Thaal, the memory of which lasted forever. So when my girls grew up, I shamelessly invited myself and my family to Nilu’s house for a traditional Bohri Thaal. And what a feast it was ! Starting out with a pinch of salt and then a huge slab of vanilla ice cream as the first course. My girls couldn’t believe it but that’s the way a Bohri meal begins – with something sweet followed by something savoury in as many courses as the host feels like providing.

But all this is hard work right from getting the food organised to serving it course by course. So I was glad when Anna Shetty provided me withthe contact details of the Bohri Kitchen, a family run outfit that provides genuine, freshly cooked thaals or individual dishes . On Saturday the thaal is different and offers delicacies like dabba gosht and cream tikka.

Bohri cuisine is by far the tastiest non vegetarian food I’ve had so far and I was looking forward to my Thaal 

image for Bohri Kitchen
My Bohri thaal wasn’t the traditional round tray that seats many people, but a disposable plastic meal tray with a spoon included
On the menu today was doodhi halwa ( passable) chicken biryani ( yum) , Kashmiri aloo  ( too spicy) a raita ( not sour and perfectly cooling ) , and a Russian kebab( I’ve had better) . 

image for Russian Kebab
The Russian kebab is a unique kebab mildly spiced and made with white sauce and bits of green bean and carrot

The Thaal was well priced at Rs 299 and efficiently delivered by Swiftgrid. As the order taker advised , it was just enough for one but we managed to share it between the two is us and feel reasonably full. 

I will definitely order again but , I’ll still go for Nilu’s Thaal in a heartbeat! 


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