Day: 17 June 2016


But I like springtime Best #FridayReflections

  There’s a reason to love every season but I like springtime best. Quite simply because my  birthday is in the middle of February. So all month long I feel special and have a sheepish grin  playing in my head. And come the day, I love the greetings that come my way, by phone or …

LIFESTYLE, Mumbai Diary

Dry skies dry up hopes in a Mumbai sky #SkywatchFriday

Saturday’s overcast sky and light rain showers had Mumbaikars Tweeting  and Instagraming as the first few drops of rain finally made their appearance. So out came the umbrellas and rain gear with Wow Dinga wearing a new pair of gum boots . Alas! This turned out to be what is crudely translated from the local …